1. Should I keep a freshwater or marine tank?

People choose freshwater tank as it is generally easier to maintain and cost less maintenance. Marine fishes and corals are more captivating and rewarding to keep and admire. Although marine tanks requires to pay more attention to salinity/temperature/reef elements composition to ensure a healthy marine environment, these can be easily be taken care of by using our company range of water products(seawater/saltwater/RODI) and accompanying marine equipment.

2. What tank size is suitable for me?

After you have decided which to keep a marine/freshwater tank, you need to consider your available space to determine the maximum tank size that you can get. For marine tank, it is recommended to have at least 2-2.5 feet tank. A larger tank is more likely and easier to be successful in the long run. A larger volume of water act as a buffer against changes in water chemistry, temperature or accidental contaminants. For freshwater tank, the tank size can vary from nano tank to as large as you want depending on how much freshwater plants and fishes that you wish to have.

3. Can the cabinet support the water weight?

Yes. All the cabinets are built to withstand the weight of the tank water.

4. Can you deliver aquarium set?

Free delivery is applicable for all aquarium sets above $200. Alteratively, a $15 delivery charge applies.

5. Do you provide delivery for seawater/saltwater/RODI water?

Yes. We provide water delivery. You can purchase the quantity you require via our website. You can use the tank calculator on our website to determine the quantity  of water required. If you are unsure, you can always call our customer service hotline @ 84822670 to confirm.

6. Can I come down to buy seawater/saltwater/RODI water?

Yes. You can come down to our store @ Punggol Marina Country Club to self collect the water you require. Please call us @ 84822670 to make order and we will pack the water for your collection.

7. I am unsure which equipment to get. Can you recommend suitable skimmer or pump for my tank?

Yes. You can always check with us and we will recommend the most suitable skimmer/pumps/equipment based on your requirements.

8. Do you have display sets for viewing?

Yes. We have display sets for tank and equipment in store. But do check with us @ 84822670 to see if the model that you are interested in is available.

9. I have no time to maintain my tank/pond. What maintenance service do you?

We provide single and monthly tank and pond maintenance service for households, offices and ponds.For more details on the latest maintenance packages, please contact us.

10. If i have problems with the fish/tank cabinet, who can i look for?

You can call our customer service hotline @ 84822670 to highlight the issues with your tank/cabinet. All tank/cabinets comes with minimum 6 months warranty unless stated otherwise.

Dear Customers, please note that all products displayed are under Pre-Order status and there stock level may not be accurate. If unsure, please contact Oceansing (customerservice@oceansing.com) before placing your order(s). Thank you. Dismiss